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 User Description: click this link here nowOn my last drive to the airport I take another buttercup route from the capital via mountainous terrain. Taking the same road a few days earlier, I saw nothing however the tarmac a couple of metres forward of me.As potential buyer after buyer is turned away I work my way through the tasting menu with the devotion of a Michelin star judge. However, as the rain assumes a non-Mancunian horizontal side I uncover the hard means that my determination to leave my waterproof trousers back in England was perhaps ill-judged.Now, as I move a wind farm I ponder whether I actually have taken the mistaken route. The views right down to the Kaldsbaksfjórđur are spectacular, and I hesitate to take pleasure in one view too many, fearing I might miss my plane.The wind whistles, the birds chirp overhead and a pair of sheep – one black and one white – bid me a final adieu. Barbara is a seafood restaurant that, judging by my go to, you need to guide properly prematurely.Eventually, as I slosh my way first alongside a path and then via fields, I find myself staring a puffin within the eye, because it debates whether to take the plunge over the cliff. Suddenly, all of the rain appears irrelevant as I trudge again to the vacationer information refuge, a happy man to get so near probably the most stunning fowl. Even if no different boat journeys are operating, you can rest assured that the Nólsoy ferry will sail. The small island a twenty-minute jaunt from Tórshavn is residence to half of the world’s European storm-petrel population – some 500,000. My information quips the reason the birds have flourished here is they're “too small to eat”.Thinking of one of the best meals I’ve had in my life, epic feasts in Italy and Vietnam come to thoughts first. But the Faroe Islands — these chilly, isolated islands in the North Atlantic — are full of culinary surprises. My journey almost complete, the clouds lift once more, and I go away as I arrive to superb sunshine, as if the intervening inclement weather had been a long cloudy dream.

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