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May 11, 2024 Chaoyang, Beijing 40


印度政府对所有前往印度的游客以及愿意出于任何目的访问印度的个人来说有一个好消息。获得印度签证现在比以往任何时候都更简单。访问印度现已变得简单,因为印度政府目前发送了简单且免费的电子旅行签证申请,这将允许超过 171 个公民身份的申请人或希望访问印度的个人访问印度,而无需进行任何操作类似于亲自访问大使馆或在护照上贴标签。最近推出的这项策略称为印度电子签证 - 印度在线签证。当您选择此类签证时,它将允许您出于各种目的访问印度。作为出于任何原因打算访问印度的陌生游客,您需要先获得印度电子签证或纸质文件,然后才能获准进入该国,因为这是印度政府交通管理局的命令。因此,截至 171 年,该电子签证适用于选定的 2024 个国家,只有这些国家的个人才有资格申请该签证。现在,您可以出于旅游、与家人会面、游览、商务电子签证或医疗电子签证的商务会议或会议或任何其他目的访问印度,并在印度停留不超过 180 天。您可以通过卡在线支付,通过电子邮件获取电子签证,并且在整个过程中您无需前往印度领事馆。通过电子邮件收到印度电子签证后,您可以前往邮轮码头或机场。我们建议您在前往印度之前三天申请。商务、游客和医疗访客可以在线使用这项服务。 Indian Government has a good news for all visitors to India, individuals who have been willing to visit India for any purpose. Getting Indian Visa is now simpler than ever. Visiting  to India has now been made simple as the Indian government currently sent off simple and bother free electronic travel visa applications that will permit applicants or individuals who have the expectation to visit India from more than 171 citizenships to visit India without being available or do any sort of physical visit to embassy or get sticker on passport. This recently presented strategy is called eVisa India - Indian Visa Online.  At the point when you select for this sort of visa, it will empower you to visit India for  various types of purposes. As an unfamiliar visitor who has the aim of visiting India for any reason, you will be expected to have your India electronic visa or you have your paper before you can be permitted to enter the country, as this is a command from India Government Movement Authority. Accordingly, this electronic visa is intended for chosen 171 nations as of 2024 and just individuals from those nations are qualified to apply for the visa.  Now you can visit India for Tourism, meeting family, conducting tours, business meetings for Business eVisa, or Medical eVisa or Conferences or any other purpose for less than 180 days stay in India. You can pay online by card, get eVisa by email and at no step of the process are you required to visit Indian Consulate. You can visit cruise terminal or airport after you receive Indian electronic Visa by email. We recommend that you apply three days in advance of your trip to India. Business, Tourists and Medical visitors can avail this service online.

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